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The main purpose of a practice record is to develop personal responsibility for practicing, which is the most important factor in student success. Your child is expected to fill in his/her practice time each day. He/She should not wait until the end of the week to complete the time. It is very important that you monitor this as you would any other school assignment. Please sign your full name in ink. The teacher will initial the practice record when the grade is recorded. It is our hope that every child and parent will demonstrate moral integrity in completing this assignment. Academic fraud will not be tolerated.

Practice Records


Practice records are due in class every Wednesday. 25 points will be deducted if one day late, 50 points will be deducted for two days late. Practice records will not be accepted for credit after two days. Students are to total their own time and write in the correct grade. A band director will initial to the right of the parent signature when the grade is recorded.


Special Note to Parents







Students are responsible for completing all of the listed objectives prior to the end of the six weeks except as indicated otherwise. Objectives must be completed with 100% accuracy in order to be checked off. No partial credit will be awarded for each objective. Completion of listed objectives will count as a major test grade. Objectives must be passed off by a director. 




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