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Straight I's and Sweepstakes - ROMS Symphonic I
2016 UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest


Straight I's on stage performance - ROMS Symphonic II
2016 UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest


2015 Region 20 - ROMS All Region Band Members

Isabella C, – Flute – 8th chair Symphonic Band

Aniah M. – Flute – 9th chair Symphonic Band

Anna D. – Flute – 12th chair Concert Band

Vy T. – Flute – 13th chair Concert Band

Gabby G. – Flute – 3rd Alternate

Georgi A. – Bassoon – 3rd chair Symphonic Band (6th Overall)

Korbin D. – Bassoon – 3rd chair Concert Band (9th Overall)

Kyzer B. – Clarinet – 13th chair Concert Band

Noah W. – Alto Saxophone – 2nd chair Honors Band (2nd Overall)

Silver Q. – Tenor Saxophone – 1st Alternate (6th Overall)

Connor N. – Bari Saxophone - 2nd Alternate (5th Overall)

Julie Z. – Trumpet – 3rd chair Honors Band (3rd Overall)

Jasmin O. – Trumpet – 10th chair Concert Band

Nick M. – Horn – 4th chair Symphonic Band

Jonathan D. – Horn – 5th chair Symphonic Band

Garrett K. – Trombone – 2nd chair Symphonic Band (8th Overall)

Xavier C. – Trombone – 9th chair Concert Band

Jarod R. – Euphonium – 1st chair Honors Band (1st Overall)

Ethan G. – Tuba – 1st chair Symphonic Band (5th Overall)

Colin M. – Tuba – 5th chair Concert Band

Mia H. – Percussion – 8th chair Symphonic Band

Nalani L. – Percussion – 3rd Alternate


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