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Straight Ones and Sweepstakes
ROHS Wind Ensemble
2018 UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest




Straight Ones on Stage
ROHS Symphonic Winds
2018 UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest




Straight Ones
ROHS Mighty Hawk Band
2017 Region 20 UIL Region Marching Contest


2017 Region 20 - ROHS All Region Band Members

Alyssa L., Flute, 10th Overall, 3rd Symphonic Band, Area Qualified

Kaitlyn L., Bb Clarinet, 16th Overall, 7th Symphonic Band

Sara B., Bb Clarinet, 35th Overall, 26th Symphonic Band

Darius B., Bb Clarinet, 48th Overall, 7th Concert Band

Natalie C., Bb Clarinet, 55th Overall, 14th Concert Band

Marcus E., Alto Saxophone, 6th Overall, 2nd Symphonic Band 

Kaylin K., Alto Saxophone, 17th Overall, 5th Concert Band

Noah W., Alto Saxophone, 22nd Overall, 2nd Alternate

Mason L., Tenor Saxophone, 11th Overall, 2nd Alternate

Ethan B., Baritone Saxophone, 7th Overall, 2nd Concert Band

Juile Z., Trumpet, 10th Overall, 1st Symphonic Band, Area Qualified

Ben L., Trumpet, 31st Overall, 2nd Concert Band

Mahala H., Trumpet, 41st Overall, 12th Concert Band

Zach P., Trumpet, 42nd Overall, 13th Concert Band

Nathan H., Horn, 2nd Overall, 2nd Honors Band, Area Qualified

Tanner R., Horn, 16th Overall, 8th Symphonic Band, Area Qualified

Jami H., Horn, 44th Overall, 4th Alternate

Cristina C., Tenor Trombone, 20th Overall, 2nd Concert Band

Shaun W., Tenor Trombone, 32nd Overall, 2nd Alternate

Trevor H., Bass Trombone, 7th Overall, 1st Concert Band

Jarod R., Euphonium, 6th Overall, 3rd Symphonic Band, Area Qualified

Kyle T., Euphonium, 17th Overall, 6th Concert Band

Ethan G., Tuba, 13th Overall, 9th Symphonic Band, Area Qualified

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