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Private lessons are offered through the Red Oak Band Program and are available to every band student. The private lesson staff includes educators that are hand-picked by the directors. Students benefit from weekly one-on-one instruction. The private teacher is able to design a program that meets each individual student's needs, allowing each student to progress at his/her own rate. Professional teachers on each instrument are able to teach these lessons during band class and before or after school.


Much of the success throughout the Red Oak Band Program can be attributed to the private lesson program and the superior private lesson staff. More importantly, much of the success of our individual students is due to the private lessons. Supplemental lessons are not required but are strongly recommended.


Reasons for private lessons:


  • Desire to learn more about the instrument

  • Desire to move faster than in the classroom

  • Desire to learn more repertoire

  • Opportunity to be taught 1-on-1 by a professional instrumentalist



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